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Langston Road Elementary Media Center


Welcome to the Media Center

We, at Langston Road Elementary School, want our students to excel. We believe that in order for our children to become successful they must be given the opportunity to read or be read to at home and at school.

All Kindergarten - 5th grade students will be checking out books. Each student is given the opportunity to take his/her book home so that parent and child have time to read together. Only one book is checked out each week.  Students who finish their book before the next library time are allowed to return their book and check-out a new one. 

We are asking you to help your child be responsible for his/her library book. Help your child find a safe place to store his/her book. We recommend that once the library book has been read at home that it be placed back in the child's bookbag. We must work as a team to take care of our books and keep them in good condition.

Thank you,

Melissa Lane

Below is a guide to help students understand how to use our self-checkout system: